Halowars 2 - Highpoly Banished assets.

It was a pleasure to work on halowars 2 with so many outstanding artists and team members. Here are some of the pieces I worked on. Special thanks to my Lead Artist Mark Radcliffe and Colleague Liam Tart who made me feel incredibly welcome at Creative assembly. I could also list many more, however, it would turn into a list matching the halowars 2 game credits.

Michael hyman camp 01 hp 02

Banished freestanding building assets.

Michael hyman camp 01 hp 01
Michael hyman camp 01 hp 03
Michael hyman camp 02 04 hp
Michael hyman camp 02 05 hp
Michael hyman camp 02 03 hp
Michael hyman generator hp 01

Render of the banished generator asset.

Michael hyman generator hp 02
Michael hyman generator hp 03
Michael hyman crate hp 01

Banished crate asset. (see the other post for ingame level shots showing the crate and camps)