Halowars 2 - Flood assets, levelshots, misc.

It was a pleasure to work on halowars 2 with so many outstanding artists and team members. Here are some of the pieces I worked on. Special thanks to my Lead Artist Mark Radcliffe and Colleague Liam Tart who made me feel incredibly welcome at Creative assembly. I could also list many more, however, it would turn into a list matching the halowars 2 game credits.

Sculpting work and texture work. The whole asset sits on (is sculpted to) the banished base building initially created by Ben keeling.

Michael hyman flood base 03
Michael hyman flood base 01
Michael hyman flood base hp 02
Michael hyman flood base hp 01
Michael hyman flood base hp 03
Michael hyman halo refuga rocks

Sculpts for some of the halo refugia style rocks.

Michael hyman barricade 03

Destroyable Rock Barricade asset.

Michael hyman rocks prologue

Some of the halo refugia style rocks in situ during “The Signal” Campaign map. See the sculpts for reference on which rocks I authored.

Michael hyman flood eggs hp 01

High poly flood eggs.

Michael hyman flood eggs hp 02
Michael hyman flood blocker

I worked on this asset with Hector Mateo Pino. I created the textures and did some of the finishing mesh work.

Michael hyman px 01

UNSC Concept building/prop work

Michael hyman unsc barricade

UNSC Wall Barricade

Michael hyman crates veteran

Crates and freestanding buildings in Situ. (see the banished buildings highpoly post)

Michael hyman tutorial 01

I worked on the tutorial level with Liam tart and Ben Stevens. I created some of the decals like the tyre tracks and some props like the ladders and air-conditioner units. I also created the large walls sections forming the extents of the level.

Amber barricade asset I created. Many of the assets I worked on had destruction states which took a while to create. Thanks to Mark Perry for showing me the wonders of Havoc Physics.

I worked on the resources (power and resource) that you see spread around the game. It was a lot of fun to come up with the little animating effects that went on inside them.